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Bonfire Safety

This week RB have been learning about why we celebrate bonfire night and how to keep safe at bonfires. We discussed how we must stand away from bonfires and wear gloves when holding sparklers. The children then made bonfire safety posters.

Tasc Wheel

Today the children in RB mended the witches broomstick following yesterday’s discussion of what to use. They tried playdough, sellotape, glue, string and bluetac. They loved solving the problem for the witch by mending her broomstick.

Tasc wheel

Today we started our problem solving activity using the task wheel. The witch visiting our class sent us a problem to solve, a broken broomstick. The children discussed what they could do to solve the problem and they decided to fix the broom. We discussed how we could fix the broom and the children decided to try and fix the broom with sellotape, glue, bluetac, string and playdough. Tomorrow they will try these items to try and fix the broomstick.


Today we’ve been exploring pumpkins for Halloween week. The children held the pumpkins, smelt them and felt them and described how they felt. Some children thought the pumpkins felt slimy, others said soft and smooth. The children thought the pumpkins smelt funny.